GIRELLI LOGISTICS GROUP of Lugagnano di Sona (Verona), has been successfully operating in the transport and logistics sector for over forty years: a well-established company in the national and international transport sector that can meet the needs of a constantly evolving market.

Passion, expertise, professionalism and flexibility: these are the features that have made GIRELLI LOGISTICS GROUP a benchmark in the logistics and transport sector.

Particular attention is paid to the markets of Eastern Europe and Tunisia, where GIRELLI LOGISTICS GROUP operates its own logistics platforms, respectively in Oradea in Romania and Rades (Port of Tunis) in Tunisia. The large fleet of vehicles, consisting of semi-trailers, tractors and vans of various capacities and sizes, can meet every need. Transporting goods today means performing a very complex and extremely important function for companies. For this reason GIRELLI LOGISTICS GROUP regards transport as a service rendered to the goods and not only just a simple transfer.

Many prestigious brands in the fashion sector, from footwear to clothing, have relied on our service in Italy, Eastern Europe and Tunisia for years.